Crea fill fibers



Bamboo Fiber

A premium fiber that is absolutely tasteless, without odor or mouth feel. CreaFibe Bambo Fiber is uniquely suited for consumer products where sensory quality is most critical.The fiber structure works especially well in crisp and fine baked goods and in smooth dairy applications.

Wheat Fiber

A purified fiber containing only the polysaccharide structure of the wheat plant. CreaFibe Wheat Fiber has no calories, odor or taste. It contains no gluten or trace extractives of the wheat plant.The fiber is best suited for baked goods that require functional improvements while also boosting fiber contents.

Alpha Cellulose Powder

Highly consistent and reliable for use in a myriad of food applications. CreaFibe Alpha -Cellulose is a highly efficient product enhancer offering the many benefits of a fiber with a very efficient price to function ratio. Whether being used as a flow aid or to extend shelf-life, CreaFibe Alpha-Cellulose’s superior Performance is evident.



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