Lab Equipment


used to test pigment color strength  


Melt Point Index Tester 
used to measure resin melt point index


used to measure color densities of prints   


Paste Ink Proofer
    offset ink proof printer  


Liquid Ink Proofer
solvent base ink proof printer 


Ink Rub Tester
used to measure ink rub resistance


Convection Oven 
used for baking/curing coatings of tin can specimens  


Cross Cut Adhesion Tester
used for gaging the adhesion of the coating on the substrate


Ford Cup
used to measure viscosity of can coatings

Tack tester
used to measure ink tack values


  Gloss Meter
 gloss measuring instrument


 Emulsification Tester
 instrument for measuring ink water take up


Heat Seal Tester
machine for testing heat seal property of multi film laminates


Gas Chromatograph One & Two
used to measure solvent purity


Tensile Strength Tester
instrument for measuring bond strength of film laminates


Lab Mixer
stirrer for lab samples

Automatic Electronic Scratch Tester
used for testing the film hardness of can coatings









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