Rotogravure & Flexographic Inks


Solvent Base Products

Kolora produces one of the finest quality solvent base inks in the Philippines. Made from carefully selected raw materials from reputable suppliers around the world, our products conform with the stringent requirements of our clients. Our products pass only the highest quality control procedures perfected over the years of excellent technological advancements in the field of ink manufacturing.

Our clients are assured of the best in technical services by a team of highly competent people trained to render the utmost in product information and applications attuned with the advancements in current ink technologies.

Polyurethane Base Laminating Inks
Chlorinated Polypropylene Base laminating Inks


These inks are most suitable for printing pouches and sachets made of OPP/PET/Nylon used for packing snacks and juice drinks as well as other liquid products.

Supra Solvent Base Inks

Kolora's Supra solvent base products for surface printing on various polyolefin films such as PP/PE/Vinyl/OPP/woven PP/ and natural fibers like cheesecloth are high performance products that give superb color s and adhesion to the aforementioned materials. Again, cost effective printing services could be achieved easily with our Supra Inks. We invite you to experience convenience, reliability, professionalism and high profiablity while using our products. It's an assurance we offer all through our almost a generation of giving excellent products and services to our valued cvlients. A commitment we live by..

Supra Alkali Resistant Inks

Supra Vinyl Inks

Supra E/PP Inks

Supra Freeze Pack Inks 



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